F5Digital closes ops

Following six years of operations, Singapore-based digital agency F5Digital has closed its operations. The agency had offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines which will no longer be in operations.

On its website, Gregory Birge, Founder, Owner F5DIGITAL said since January this year he has tried to save his business by “reaching out to all local authorities and government organisation, hiring external professionals” but has been unsuccessful.

The statement said:

“Unfortunately, 9 months after, after losing everything, from personal to professional, to health, finance, there is no more possibility than the withdrawal.

This is a terrible feeling to witness this nightmare, powerless and trying to stay out of the water while slowly drowning.

There are no words strong enough to express what I went through and I do not intend to look anymore at the past nor reopen this chapter, end of my career, stopped in Singapore.

Moving forward, I will be out of Singapore for the next six months but will remain reachable through regular channels, while past contacts details are not in use anymore.

I believe all opened cases have been properly closed but should there by anything that where not handled, please refer to the dedicated section and we will do our best to find a solution.”

Here's the note on the website, along with additional notes to ex-staff, clients and vendors.

When asked for more details, Birge over a phone call said the legal investigations are on and that he couldn't comment further.