Be exciting, be more dog [GALLERY]

Dog lovers of the world can rejoice, as O2 is asking cats to Be More Dog. The UK-based telecommunications service provider has created the latest Internet sensation called Be More Dog, urging all to be more enthusiastic, excited, happy and joyful about technology, like a dog, and not be grumpy and nonchalant, like a cat.

Using a cat and a dog as metaphors, O2 aims make people more excited and enthusiastic about technology as it positions its brand towards delivering new digital and products and services.

In the 1:01min ad on YouTube, the ad shows a nonchalant cat which discovers the dog in it and transforms into .... well, a tenacious cat-dog.

The cat plays fetch, catches Frisbee and claims its leadership in a dog's pack and ultimately be more dog.

The campaign also involves a fun and interactive game on its website, where users can choose their cat and dog of choice in creating a Dog Bomb.

The cat will be the face of the campaign, that will be supported by a TVC, social, print, outdoor, retail, internal communications, online display and digital (

The ‘Be More Dog' campaign is done by integrated communications agency called VCCP in the United Kingdom.

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