Ex-MAS marketing lead Dean Dacko takes on new role

Dean Dacko, previously marketing lead of MAS has moved to Canada to take on the role of chief commercial officer at a leisure and travel company, NewLeaf Travel Company.

He will be tasked to establish NewLeaf as Canada’s first ultra low-cost travel company, developing the company’s strategic direction. He will also handle the implementation and evaluation of the company’s structure, policies, procedures, and programs to ensure operational and financial success from start-up through expansion.Dacko will help create operational framework and procedures for crisis response and act as media spokesperson.

Dacko (pictured)  was with MAS for over three years. He was recently replaced by Charles McKee as head of marketing. McKee took on the role from 14 September 2015. McKee has a background in leading marketing teams in the airline, hospitality and destination marketing industries. His 27 years of experience in marketing and managing world-class travel brands will enable the airline to stay ahead of competition and provide greater customer experience.