Ever seen a Windows-powered house?

Microsoft Philippines shows how a Windows powered house could look like with a life-size installation called Windows Glass House unveiled yesterday.

The Glass House was designed by renowned interior designers Ivy and Cynthia Almario from the interior design firm Atelier Almario to illustrate the how Microsoft technology can be integrated into everyday living by Filipino families.

“Through the Glass House, Microsoft reimagines life and showcases how Windows 8.1 apps and devices are able to create a personalized computing experience that fits perfectly with the way people live,” said Mae Moreno, Windows Client Business Lead at Microsoft Philippines

The on-ground event demonstrated various Windows 8.1 apps in action that are fit for every member of the family such as Bing Food for recipes and cooking tips and MERALCO for utility management and Halo for gaming.

Apps for interactions out of home were also showcased. Health junkies who frequent the streets to jog may find Bing Health & Fitness handy while dinners could utilize Click the City for planning their next restaurant hunt. There is also an app for travelers called Bing Travel among many others in the growing Windows App store.

Top-of-the-line hardware also took center stage inside the Glass House. Among them are the newest Windows 8.1 tablets such as the Lenovo MIXX2, Acer W4 and the “Transformer Book” Asus T100 and mobile devices such as the Nokia Lumia 1020.

“Glass House reflects our philosophy that technology greatly affects the way people live,” said Cynthia Almario. “This says so much about how Filipino consumers can use technology such as the exciting Windows 8.1 apps and devices to accomplish things in a more fun and more productive way.”

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