Estate agency lures tenants with "Kongish" humour

They say humour is a weapon - it is. See how this estate agent pushes "Kongish" humour to promote a shop space in Central for lease, and get a tenant right away.

The real estate agency, Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Co. Ltd., put up an overhead signage with big black letters "Wong Po Jill Doe", a contact number below, and a yellow background, right outside a 587-square-foot shop on 22 Wellington Street. While the words may sound like nonsense to most English-speakers, its pronunciation is similar to the phrase "Prosperous shop space for lease" in Cantonese. The word "yellow" also sounds similar to "Prosperous" in Cantonese.

The signage quickly drew attention and a picture of the signage was uploaded to a local Facebook page called "Kongish Daily".

The creative signage has garnered much praise. "They made it!" said Priscilla Ho on the Facebook post. "I'm sure u read that faster than in Chinese," joked Calvin Wong.

The agency told EJ insight that the idea came from its manager director David Fong Man-hung, who thought the conventional ways of advertising for shop leases were too boring.

Follow-ups from Apple Daily revealed that the shop space has already netted itself a tenant thanks to the ad.