ESS sees spike in viewership

ESPN STAR Sports (ESS) saw an increase in viewership of the Spanish Liga BBVA LIVE matches on its network by 32%, bringing its total number of Malaysian viewers to 2.6 million, according to Nielsen figures.

This comes on the back of the network’s coverage, which includes an increased number of matches, better viewer-friendly prime time hours and an enhanced studio presentation.

Viewership of the football league increased across demographics, including 45% increase in the male pay-TV viewers aged 15-29 years old and 21% increase among female viewers aged 15 years-old.

In addition to that, ESS also saw high ratings among the male audiences within each match broadcast.

In Malaysia, ESS reaches out to viewers through dedicated channels, including the LIVE and on-demand online offering of ESPN Player and Mobile ESPN.

The Spanish league coverage was elevated with addition of its presentation by Sky Sports.

ESS’ managing director Peter Hutton said that its investment in Sky Sports’ commentary and studio shows are being watched by more fans across the region.

ESS sees great opportunity within the matches for brands looking into engaging with audiences.

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