ESPN Star Sports readies for BPL mania

ESPN Star Sports has again signed Maxis, Panasonic, MYEG and Wrigley’s as associate sponsors for the new season of Barclays Premier League.

With the London Olympics now over, ESPN Star Sports has switched its focus to English football, with a huge line up of targeted events, online promotions and blogger engagement programs to promote the network’s coverage of BPL and La Liga.

Announced at a press conference at Hilton Petaling Jaya yesterday, which was streaming live on Facebook, ESPN Star Sports said returning sponsors come at a time of increased interest in English football.

The sports broadcaster said the last season saw a 28% spike in local viewership with 6.3 million home viewers tuning in. Demographics of viewers also changed with higher number of female viewers and young males.

Paras Sharma, vice president of marketing and corporate communications at ESPN Star Sports, said sponsors engagement with the game had also increased.

He said sponsors were now looking to newer forms of viewer engagement like product placement, event marketing and social media.

T Kugan, head of product, device, innovation and roaming at Maxis, said its involvement reflected the company’s commitment to sports.

“We look forward to delivering an integrated experience to our customers with exciting football-related content and service across multiple devices,” said Kugan.

Kim Huat, managing director of Wrigley’s added that BPL has helped to reinforce customers’ connection to the Wrigley’s brand.

ESPN STAR Sports is giving fans ‘Total Football’ access to BPL this year with television coverage through its broadcast channels ESPN with STAR Sports offering 1,500 hours of original programmes.

HD coverage on ESPN HD as well as a top selection of live matches on ESPN 3D is also on offer.

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