Escobar-themed bar retains name, to create new logo

Escobar, a Pablo Escobar themed bar in Singapore, has revealed that it would be changing its brand logo but not its name. The move follows backlash from The Embassy of Colombia in Singapore and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) which criticised the bar for using the drug kingpin’s image in its branding efforts.

In a Facebook post outlining the move, the bar confirmed that it was not shutting down and that it was aware of the recent controversy surrounding the theme of the bar. The bar also apologised for causing offence to communities and individuals.

“We would like to reiterate that it was never our intention to glorify or condone the actions of Pablo Escobar. Anyway, we heard you and we’re working on revamping our logo,” the statement added.  According to a report by The Straits Timesbar owner Stan Sri Ganesh confirmed that the bar would not be changing its name as Escobar is a common Spanish surname.

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Marketing has reached out to Escobar for additional comment.

Escobar recently came under fire from the Embassy of Colombia in Singapore for naming and basing the theme of the bar after Pablo Escobar, a late Colombian drug kingpin also known as “The King of Cocaine”. This includes featuring murals dedicated to Escobar and included themed-menu offerings.

In a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassy said that idolising Escobar undermines the work done by successive Colombian governments. It added that the Colombian community in Singapore also experienced “indignation” towards the issue.

Also weighing in on the matter was the CNB, which described the manner in which the drug kingpin’s name and image are being utilised to promote the bar as “highly objectionable”, reported TODAY. It added that the bar also went against Singapore’s zero-tolerance approach towards drugs and the government’s efforts in preventative drug education.