EPSOM College launches new campaign

Famous for educating Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, EPSOM College has reinvented its traditional school prospectus film and created a fresh, fun and honest film to promote its school in Bandar Enstek.

Using multiple Go-Pro cameras, both head and body-mounted, flying drones and ground cameras, the film was shot over three days on campus using both students and teachers.

Titled “The Complete Education”, the film tells the story of one full day at EPSOM College in Malaysia seen through the eyes of three students and the headmaster.

It showcases EPSOM College in Malaysia’s holistic approach to education, offering more than just grades. It also focused on the total well-being and pastoral care of their students. Scripted and conceptualised by GA Brand Design, and shot by Planet Films’ Kubhaer Jethwani, the film will be aired on all of EPSOM’s digital platforms from 3rd June 2015 across their website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

“We wanted a compelling film to make potential parents (and students) aware and excited about the opportunities at EPSOM College in Malaysia. With incredible facilities on our 50 acres campus, British Curriculum and teaching staff and the heritage of our 160 year-old brand, this film distils our essence perfectly. Plus it was a lot of fun to produce, for the school as a whole,” said Martin George, headmaster, EPSOM College in Malaysia.

“This film captures the unique and engaging spirit of the school. The school was brave enough to blow out the preconceptions of the category, open their doors and throw themselves into the shooting process. The results are totally unique and totally true to the fantastic, complete educational experience that the school provides,” Jonathan Aeberhard, managing director, GA Brand Design said.

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