Emotional connection and true engagement – AIA Hong Kong’s secret formula in winning customers

AIA Hong Kong (“AIA”) recently became the first-ever insurance company to be conferred the top honour of “Marketer of the Year” at Marketing Magazine’s 2018 Marketing Excellence Awards. The insurer also won five Gold Awards and one Silver Award for its various initiatives, demonstrating that it has some powerful weapons in its marketing armoury.

AIA attributes its success to its comprehensive approach to customer centricity as the foundation for its business, brand and marketing strategies. With a genuine understanding of customer’s needs and concerns, it harnesses the power of data, digitalisation and segmentation to connect and engage with its customers at the right time with relevance.

These accolades are also a powerful recognition of the collaborative work and dedication of the AIA team. With passion and creativity, they succeed in building compelling narratives and messages that resonate with customers.

Emotional Connection with Customers

AIA has breathed life into its marketing efforts with relatable experiences, expressing genuine empathy for people’s life challenges in a clear reflection of its care for customers.

Its digital-led “Love is in Every Moment” mini-film campaign links critical illness insurance with family love via inspiring and heart-wrenching stories. Impeccable casts bring to life the key message of caring for loved ones in the fight against critical illnesses. This out-of-the-box approach has changed the game and the way insurance companies think about connecting with their customers.

Engaging with the Community

AIA has woven itself more tightly into the fabric of the community, becoming much more than an insurance company honouring policy obligations. Through sponsorship of the “Hong Kong Observation Wheel” and AIA Vitality Park, the insurer has transformed the iconic Hong Kong Harbour Front into a vibrant place for health, wellness and entertainment for Hong Kong people and tourists. Its game-changing “AIA Vitality” wellness programme also motivates people to live healthier.

Ensuring Simplicity to Enhance Customer Experience

Besides leveraging the latest innovations to enhance customer experience and make obtaining and managing insurance plans easier than ever, AIA is also a leader in “intelligent marketing”. Its “Day Day Connect” for example, is a revolutionary platform which empowers AIA financial planners to serve customers with need-based protection solutions seamlessly. The all-in-one AIA Customer Centricity Digital Ecosystem, meanwhile, harnesses the power of human-centred technology to keep close tabs on customers’ needs.


Building Enduring Relationships

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of AIA Group. The insurer sees this a great opportunity to build an even stronger relationship with its customers by delivering on its brand promise of helping people live healthier, longer, better lives.

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