EkoCheras Mall responds to netizens’ 'constructive criticism' for incomplete furnishing

EkoCheras Mall, a new mall in Kuala Lumpur, has defended the alleged incomplete look of its mall, after a Facebook post gained traction online featuring pictures of the mall in an unfinished state.

In a Facebook post, the mall thanked netizens for their "constructive comments" and explained that the mall is currently in the soft launch stage. "We are continuing our best efforts to improve for all our tenants and customers. We welcome and thank everyone for their sharing, comments and concerns so that we can be better for you," the post added.

The mall came under the spotlight recently when pictures of unpainted walls, missing tiles on the staircases and crooked humps in the carpark at EkoCheras Mall were circulated on social media. Netizens sarcastically pointed out that brutalism is apparently a new trend in mall design and it seemed more like a "forced launch" rather than a soft launch.

Meanwhile, some said the incompleted look was probably part of the mall's "brilliant marketing strategy" to go viral, adding that they would not have known about EkoCheras Mall if it was not for the pictures which helped the mall gain publicity. Others also pointed out that "raw interior design" is indeed an architectural concept, but is unfortunately unknown among Malaysians.

EkoCheras Mall is a four storey mall in Kuala Lumpur that comprises 288 retail outlets from fashion, F&B and entertainment. Among the list of stores that have come on board include SOTHYS, Juice Works, QQ outlet, A-Look and Big Kidz.