Effective Measure supports startup launch programme

Effective Measure has backed Silicon Valley-based company, Founder Institute’s expansion into Thailand.

The move will see Effective Measure form a regional alliance with Founder Institute, which was originally forged in Singapore and Malaysia in July.

The Founder Institute is an entrepreneur training and startup launch programme. The institute aims to globalise the innovation of Silicon Valley by fostering local startup ecosystems in "promising" international markets. Under the Founder Institute’s part-time, four month program, promising startup entrepreneurs can learn how to launch a technology company through training courses and feedback from a  network of business mentors.

The programme now operates in six locations across Southeast Asia, and has launched 140 companies in the region since 2010.

In order to support the digital measurement needs of emerging startups, Effective Measure is providing members of the Founder Institute’s new chapter in Thailand free access to its brand and audience digital measurement and analytics solution. This will be available to members for a year.

The Bangkok chapter will be led by three key operators in the Thai startup ecosystem: Krating Poonpol, Benjamin Ranck, and Charle Charoenphan.

"Thailand is displaying all the hallmarks of emerging as a regional trailblazer in the creation of startup ventures. A significant influx of foreign venture capital has been streaming into the region over the last few months, which major funding incubator programs are leveraging,” Charle Charoenphan, co- director of the Founder Institute, Thailand said.

“ By equipping startup founders with the best resources to get the most out of their own digital assets, we believe that these entrepreneurs will get a competitive edge right from the inception of their journey. We trust that Effective Measure’s insights will prove invaluable to tailoring their offering into the next phase of growth,” Effective Measure commercial director – Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, Tom Hogg said.