Education top priority with Malays segment

Malays today place education first, while connectivity and religion are on the rise thanks to the digital platform.

This is based on the latest study by GroupM which looks into the mindset and behavioural patterns of the Malay population.

The study found that domestic household income for the segment has grown 78% within the past five years (2006-2011).

With the progression of the Malay market, reliance on traditional marketing methods has become outdated and a deeper understanding of the market and its behavior is crucial to initiate a successful campaign within the segment.

The study shows that brands should no longer create a ‘one-size-fits-all' marketing plan in targeting Malays, with the assumption that all Malays are generally the same.

The study further identified five clusters of Malay segments in Malaysia, each distinctively different in terms of their mindset and behaviour.

With the rise of smartphones, more and more Malays feel the need to be connected online, with even religious scholars using the digital platform to preach about Islam, encouraging the Malays to learn more about religion, politics, current affairs and such in a matter of minutes.

The study, which employs GroupM's proprietary media tool 3D, is a part of the value-added services provided by the agency to its existing clients.