Edelweiss uncaps global TVC to have consumers 'Feel the Alps'

Edelweiss has uncapped a new global TV campaign for the brand as it expands into new Asia Pacific markets including Singapore, China, and Malaysia, as well as Russia and Denmark. Done together with FRED & FARID Los Angeles, the new film, Feel the Alps, invites consumers to literally feel the alps. "No artifice or distracting music," FRED & FARID said. The brand decline to comment on the monetary value of the campaign.

The whole experience was real, shot in the Alps in Europe, getting the real emotions of the actors truly connecting with nature - the air, the winds, the smells, the cold, the serenity, the fresh water, the essence of the trees. "Despite the complexity of shooting in winter on location at an altitude of 2000m, during a global pandemic, we really wanted to depict the true experience of the Alps: a raw experience of a simple product truth: with edelweiss you literally feel the freshness of the Alps in every sip," the agency explained.

Feel the Alps will air across TV and digital in Korea and Russia and will premier in other markets later this year. Edits include 15, 25 and 60-second versions. Malgorzata Lubelska, senior director, global international brands at HEINEKEN, said Feel the Alps takes viewers on a cinematographic, sensory journey through the Alpine landscape. 

edelweiss feel the alps

"Inspired by this setting, Edelweiss offers a smooth and easy-to-drink beer with a golden cloudiness and a subtle, fruity aftertaste, providing an invitation to pause and enjoy the playful moments of life," she added. Edelweiss's spokesperson told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE that its markets in Asia Pacific are activating the campaign across channels that suit their local audience. The brand said it was important for it to adapt its approach to reflect this whilst ensuring that the campaign remained relatable and aspirational to consumers.

"We have seen the Singapore market focus on influencers for example, as this is a space where the target audience consumes content and looks for fresh and new experiences. This tactic has been working well and we look forward to seeing how this conversation grows," the spokesperson added.

The brand focused on the Alpine heritage as it found it to be an attractive feature of the brand during testing. European mountains were a place of new exciting fresh experiences and adventure, providing an escape from the clamour of city life. It was therefore important for this feeling to be central to the campaign creative, and the immersive emotion and sense of playfulness is something Edelweiss will be echoing through all activations. The spokesperson added that the campaign speaks to the trend of premiumisation in the beer industry across Europe. This means crafting fresh, pure and smooth products, with all natural ingredients that are true to the long-standing heritage of the brand.

Edelweiss is working with local agencies in each market to bring the campaign to life across channels from PR to digital. The campaign is running for varying lengths in different markets, and Edelweiss is hoping some new markets will also launch the campaign in the coming months.

While the spokesperson declined to share the business ROI of the campaign, she said the brand hopes that by driving awareness in Asia Pacific through relatable and aspirational campaigns for its consumers, Edelweiss can quickly become the wheat beer of choice which in turn will drive awareness and consideration.

Edelweiss is touted as one of the world's first-ever wheat beers, born in the heights of the Austrian Alps. When it launched in Singapore in June, Edelweiss said the new offering will bring "a whole new cool Alpine taste experience" to local beer drinkers seeking variety and quality wheat beer. 

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