EDB keeps a close watch on its agencies

The Singapore Economic Development Board has put out a tender to appoint a consultant for the purposes of financial auditing and agency performance management.

The appointed consultant will be required to perform fee review and reconciliation exercises, and put in place a performance measurement framework for EDB's recently appointed agencies, The Secret Little Agency (TSLA), TBWA and MEC.

The tender closes at the end of the month and the contract is for 17 months with an option to extend up to 24 months.

TSLA, TBWA and MEC were appointed as its creative, digital and media agencies respectively earlier in August and the appointment was effective 1 September 2012 onwards for 19 months.

The contract comes with an option to option to extend up to another 24 months.

The scope of work for the three agencies involve developing and implementing integrated marketing campaigns to position Singapore as an attractive business location globally, with a focus on the US as a key market.