ECommerce platfrom SHOPLINE brings O2O and POS solutions to Malaysia

Global smart commerce platform SHOPLINE has expanded its operations to Malaysia, following a US$2 million new funding from investors earlier this year. Having already supported several launch partners in beginning their online ventures, SHOPLINE will ramp up its Malaysia offerings in the coming months to include its range of online to offline (O2O) solutions, which enable merchants to connect across channels and optimise the customer’s shopping experience.

According to a press release, SHOPLINE has set up an office in Kuala Lumpur and plans to build a team with deep local insights that can help the company to provide tailored solutions to meet its merchants’ needs in Malaysia. O2O services will include the SHOPLINE Kiosk, a CRM tool that allows users to sign up for membership with a mobile number or email in seconds; the SHOPLINE Broadcast Center, a marketing automation tool enabling merchants to reach customers via Facebook’s chatbot, SMS and email; and Shoplytics, a proprietary smart analytics dashboard that allows merchants to visualise and analyse data related to their store’s web traffic, revenue, product performance, customers, marketing and promotion campaign performance.

Later this year, SHOPLINE will also look to introduce its cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system to help retailers create a unified omni-channel solution over multiple store locations. Functions include keeping an accurate record of store transactions, generating real-time sales performance reports, tracking staff performance, as well as managing store inventories, payroll, and membership.

SHOPLINE co-founder and CEO Tony Wong (pictured) said: “Underpinned by strong governmental support and a huge jump in mobile and internet penetration, we see incredible potential in Malaysia, and indeed the wider Southeast Asian digital economy.”

Through the O2O and POS solutions, the company aims to equip more merchants with the tools they need to go digital and go global, creating a smooth and holistic shopping experience across offline and online channels.

Based in Hong Kong, the company’s other offices are in Taiwan, Ho Chi Minh City and Shenzhen. The start-up enables merchants to easily set up online stores, and offers a wide selection of shop designs, payment gateways, and shipping carriers tailored to the needs of local and cross-border merchants. Its team has grown from three to 200 over the last six years. It has helped more than 150,000 entrepreneurs, SMEs and large enterprises such as Durex, Bee Cheng Hiang and Hiwalk go digital. In 2018, SHOPLINE’s merchants reached over 200 million customers.