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East Malaysia-Singapore route a potential growth area for Singapore Tourism Board

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) sees plenty of potential to grow the East Malaysia-Singapore route, as interest in travelling to Singapore remain strong in the area.

According to The Borneo Post, which quoted STB’s Southeast Asia executive director Edward Koh, total visitor arrivals from East Malaysia saw a year-on-year jump of 0.9%, forming 10.4% of Malaysia total visitor arrivals to date. Also, 10.2% of total visitor arrivals to Singapore last year were from East Malaysia, which was a 0.6% increase from 2015.

Koh added that Singapore is the preferred travel destination for East Malaysians who are looking to travel with their families or are going on their first overseas trip. Family travel package for over four individuals in a family are extremely popular among East Malaysian travellers, as they see travel as away to bond with their family and friends. Connectivity is also an area of consideration for East Malaysians, Koh said. In this case, the flight duration to Singapore is similar to Kuala Lumpur’s, making travelling convenient for them.

Due to the growth potential of the East Malaysia-Singapore route, STB Malaysia will be partnering with local travel trade outlets, airlines, cruise liners and Singapore stakeholders to attract Malaysians with special promotions. It will also be working with key opinion leaders to share their “Passion Made Possible” story in Singapore and collaborate with airlines that offer flights along the East Malaysia-Singapore route.

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