[WATCH] Now, that’s a signature shot

When it was time for Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard to sign autographs in Manila last month, Adidas let his slam dunks to do all the writing.

TBWA Santiago Mangada Puno and TBWA Singapore used motion capture technology to create a first-of-its-kind activation aptly called Signature Shots, where Howard created autographs with a ball and a court, instead of a pen and paper.

The activation picked lucky fans to play one-on-one versus Howard using a neon green basketball. Like what they do in movie special effects, a computer picks up the movement of the special ball as if it were a pen scribbling lines across paper.

The signature was then printed onto an Adidas shirt as a rare souvenir. What’s scribbled on the shirt isn’t exactly your name, but is also sort of a reminder how the 6’11 basketball star owned you in the court.


Client: adidas

Agency: TBWA Singapore

Creative Director: Hagan de Villiers

Copywriter: James Holman

Art Director: Nuno Teixeira

Account Director: Peter Etheridge

Planner: Steven Watson

Marketing Manager (adidas): Sarah Fisher

Production Company: Six Toes Singapore

Executive Producer: Haydn Evans

Videographer/Editor: Erasmus William

Videographer/Sound: Ed Cryer

Technical Development: TBWA Santiago Mangada Puno

Technical Directors: Tadpole

Event Logistics: RSA

TBWA Santiago Mangada Puno (Philippines)

Nino Reyes (Assistant Creative Director)

Jake Tesoro (Creative Director)

Francis Bagnes (Producer)

Anne Rodriguez (Producer)

Maan de la Cruz (Producer)


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