Durex pumps out new package, shoots SG campaign

Durex has rebranded its product packaging to empower good and safe sex for its consumers. The new packaging features new labels, colour, designs and orientation aimed to help consumers find a best-fit condom. Where its boxes usually have its brand logo and a short description of the product, the new packaging indicates different navigation icons across its products that represent thickness, girth, lubrication and texture. This comes as the brand look to help shoppers choose the right condom, following its global finding that "size and fit" is the number one driver of satisfaction for condom usage.

Durex's new packaging includes an orientation standard as well. Durex condoms now all face the same way in its pack, with its logo signalling the right side up. The condoms also have a foil finish that is easy to differentiate by touch (the logo side has a glossy finish and the flip side is matte), so consumers will be able to smoothly find their way in the dark. The new condom packaging also has four tearable corners, compared to two previously, reducing the odds of fumbling and ripping the condom. This new feature comes as Durex's global study noted that the number one barrier to condom usage is “interrupting the moment”, where up to 30% of consumers "mis-apply" condoms, which can lead to health risks. Durex's new packaging looks to help couples don a condom the right way round and two times faster, according to the company.

durex packaging 1

durex packaging 1

durex packaging 1

durex packaging 1

Additionally, Durex is embarking on a month-long campaign in Singapore to educate Singaporeans on the importance of the size and fit of condoms. As part of the campaign, it will be running informational content on its social media channels and website. This includes a video series titled "We Need to Talk", which follows a young couple as they discuss about safe sex practices with each other, their friends, and family. The four-part series aims to encourage conversation around safe sex within consumers in Singapore. Separately, Durex will also be producing content revolving various topics such as how to approach the topic of safe sex and what the different features of Durex's condoms mean. 

Separately, Durex will also be providing a "fit guide" available on its Shopee official store, where Singaporeans can complete a questionnaire to identify their best-fit condom, and have it delivered to their doorstep in discreet packaging. This campaign is part of Durex’s year-long initiative in Singapore, asking the nation “Let’s not go back to Normal, Let’s start talking about sex”. The campaign aims to build positive and healthy attitudes towards safe sex within Singaporeans. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out for additional information.

Justin Lee, marketing director, RB Singapore said: “Despite knowing that condoms are one of the most effective forms of contraceptives, Singaporeans face challenges when it comes to choosing and wearing the right condom - leading to dissatisfaction and frustration. With our new packaging, we’re confident people will have the power of choice towards a safer, healthier and more satisfying sex life where excuses for not wearing a condom become a thing of the past. We’re committed to helping the next generation as they start exploring their sex life, arming them with knowledge and the power to find their perfect fit for more pleasure and less pressure in the bedroom.”

Durex is well-known for its tongue-in-cheek ads. Earlier last month for Valentine's Day, the brand sent a greeting in the form of a condom with the caption "Like safe sex, some things are forever". The brand also dubbed the day as "international condom day", and suggested a condom that fits each of the 12 horoscopes on its Instagram page. According to the brand, if consumers found the right match this Valentine's Day, it is "time to find the perfect fit" too. 

Last year, Durex Malaysia also had a cheeky post encouraging consumers to mask up when heading out, during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. The post showed a mask next to a sealed condom with the words "Going out" and "Going in" beneath it respectively. The image added: "Always protect yourself and the one you love." Meanwhile, the caption added: "When heading out, remember to wear your mask. When going in, remember to wear a condom. #DurexCaresForYou". The post garnered global approval, and even had Durex's Zambia team adapting it for its own market.

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