DSTA quietly amends “unlimited changes” brief on Gebiz

Demanding clients and briefs are not a new in the industry. Last year, a brief from a local school asking for “unlimited changes” sparked debate in the industry, which had the Ministry of Finance weighing in on the matter, agreeing that it was an unfair demand to ask of agencies.

Well, it seems like the line “unlimited changes” has made its return, this time culminating in the form of a brief from DSTA, requesting for a proposal on the design, production and printing of a Career Transition (CT) Magazine and Mailing Slip. Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) currently sits under the Ministry of Defence.

According to the original brief, under the section “Design Concept, Layout and Artwork” it was stated: “There shall not be any limit on the number of reworks required before approval of the finished artwork”. The issue was highlighted by Mothership.

Since then, a quick check by Marketing uncovered several developments - including DSTA closing the original tender posting and replacing it with a new one.

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DSTA did not respond to Marketing's queries.

Also, in the new brief seen by Marketing, the line demanding for unlimited changes has been taken out and replaced with the line:

"The Authority shall work with the Supplier on the selected designs for both the CT magazine and the mailing slip to ensure they are aligned with the theme before implementation."

The Ministry of Finance has told Marketing that it would be maintaining its stance on the matter.