Drive around Google Maps with Super Mario

Nintendo has been on a roll lately - after Pokemon Go's raging success in mid-2016 (and by all accounts, it's still going stronger than it had any right to be going at this point in time) and the follow-up win with the new console Nintendo Switch, the Japanese game company has now teamed up with Google for a nifty feature that generated quite a bit of exposure over the weekend.

In honour of 'Mario day' - 10 March, or MAR10 for those confused - Google Maps implemented a feature that allows user to generate a Super Mario model on a go-kart, as seen in the famous Mario Kart series of video games, to drive you around town when using the app's directions feature. All you have to do is type in your destination, and then next to the 'Start' button users can see the iconic '?' which will enable the feature upon pressing the button.

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According to Google, the feature will be enabled all week. This is not the first quirky update to Google Maps that has been implemented, with figures such as Pac-Man roaming the streets, the Loch Ness becoming a traveling companion and the launch of an 8-bit version of Google Maps for April Fool's Day, also in collaboration with Nintendo.