Doraemon runs mobile store to perk up Hongkongers

Animation International and AllRightsReserved are pushing ahead, albeit with a more toned-down version, with a campaign to promote the upcoming film Stand by Me.

It’s a sensitive time to cash in on the Doraemon, following the death Lam Pou-Chuen, the voice of Doraemon in Hong Kong, who died earlier this month.

But Animation International and AllRightsReserved have partnered up to launch Doraemon’s first mobile pop-up store in Hong Kong to back the Japanese film Stand by Me Doraemon debuting in Hong Kong next month.

Running in Causeway Bay from 3 to 22 February, the van, will broadcast the voice of Lam Pou-Chuen saying “Doraemon is here!” with a range of Doraemon products being sold. A trailer of the film will be shown at Hysan Place.

The concept of the mobile store was initially for pure commercial purposes, but as SK Lam, founder of AllRightReserved, said more effort was put into measuring public opinion on the sensitive topic.

“We don’t want to piggyback on the tragedy, but the gimmick is inevitably associated with [Lam Pou-Chuen] at some point. In view of that, a certain level if sales discipline is necessary in this case.”

“The van aims to serve as entertainment to perk up Hongkongers after Lam’s sudden death.”

To toned-down the campaign, the company specifically lowers the prices of the products to make the stunt “less commercial”.

Joe Leung, licensing and marketing manager at Animation International, added: “The movie Stand By Me gained much applause in Japan and Hong Kong will be its last station. This campaign is not sales-driven, but a funny way to back the movie.”

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