WATCH Don't fake it, Durex tells footballers

During football season, Durex has run its #DontFakeIt campaign, taking a jab at footballers faking injuries on the field.

"We believe football is much better without the faking! So this summer, we're campaigning for real connections - on and off the pitch," said Durex, on a note on the video.

Check it out:

Reported on Toronto Sun, as part of the campaign, Durex also conducted a survey which saw nearly 40% of men turning down sex in order to watch soccer. Top excuses for men include being tired or having a bad back or headache. Over 2,000 men were surveyed as part of the campaign.

The study also showed that men think of soccer while having intimate moments with their partners and close to half want to get the deed over with to return back to their soccer screens.