Don't be shy, just say lah!

Nando's Malaysia invites fans to open up, let loose and just say what's been on their mind- whether to their boss, significant other (ex or otherwise!), or just that irritating guy who won't stop farting in the office.

Asians are a notoriously conservative bunch; we prefer to keep opinions to ourselves to avoid giving offense,  humiliation or the hassle of opposition and confrontation.

In response to this issue, Nando's has launched a multi-pronged campaign in Malaysia and Singapore that begins November 15 2013 and end January 31 2014.

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The Just Say Lah microsite, fed by Facebook and Twitter traffic, is where fans can send cheeky personalised messages to their friends. But the microsite is only the beginning.

nando's just say lah

On ground, staff (pictured) wear campaign t-shirts, and help fans personalise physical Just Say Lah! postcards.

29 November will mark another phase of the campaign with the launch of four videos featuring Malaysian comedians Kevin Jay and Faiz from That Effing Show. These videos will kick off a user generated content collection phase where users will be encouraged to send in videos of themselves Just Say-ing Lah!

The best videos will be featured on brand  banner ads and fans will get their expression printed on a t-shirt to take home.

Fanny Chai, regional marketing manager of Nando's tells A+M that although the company is expecting to see some numbers as a result of this campaign, the over all objective is branding.

“Nando’s has always been a quirky and fun brand. In our restaurants, we want to provide a casual dining experience that allows our customers to have fun in life, relax and be themselves. We constantly find ways to engage with our customers and add flavour and humour to an otherwise mundane lifestyle through our communications and activities,” explains Chai further.

Nando's has invested in YouTube ads, online  banners and influencers aka Cluckers to help them push the message out.

In Malaysia, the campaign creative was executed by Creative Juice, with Mediacliq taking on development duties and MEC taking on media tasks.