Domino's Malaysia banks on K-pop fever to sell new menu

Domino's Malaysia has partnered with MullenLowe Malaysia to launch a new international flavour in the Malaysian market. Its limited-time-offer campaign titled "Samyeang Showdown", features a new Korean-inspired menu which will be running across TV, Instagram, Facebook as well as other digital platforms.

Agencies 16TWO and acorn communications were also roped in to create an effective social media strategy and engagement. acorn communications, in particular, was tasked to drive the engagements through key opinion leaders in the K-pop fan sphere and exclusive invites for the K-pop fans to the media launch.

The integrated approach was aimed to generate a holistic communications campaign via mainstream media, social media and online media. Despite being a digitally-led campaign, Domino’s also worked with Zenith and BigBlueBubble to reach the masses through its ATL and BTL channels.

The new campaign begins with a teaser that looks to excite the Malaysian Korean pop (K-pop) community with news about a new Korean boyband coming to town. A music video titled "The Samyeang Showdown" was released on the day of launch, performed by three K-pop dancers called "The Samyeangs" as each dancer personified a pizza variant. The video also features a female performer called "Ayam-Haseyo", a punny take on Korean word "annyeong haseyo" for "hello". Similarly, she personified the spicy Korean wings meal through her song and dance.

Watch the spot here:

According to Linda Hassan, marketing general manager, Domino’s Malaysia and Singapore, Malaysia's market landscape is constantly evolving and consumers are always seeking for something new. Inspiration for this campaign was drawn from the Malaysian consumers' love for Korean food and culture.

“The Samyeang Showdown campaign is a tribute to what Malaysian consumers love. Domino’s has always been a pioneer in product innovation. Hence, we stay true to what we stand for and innovate our products to keep delivering what is relevant to the market. The Samyeang Showdown campaign is a testament of our brand promise,” Hassan said.

“Our approach was simple because we clearly understand that today’s consumers value entertainment and they will follow brands that can provide such value. So, the idea was crafted to increase brand love and advocates,” Eddy Nazarullah, head of creative, MullenLowe Malaysia added.