Domino's gets in-house e-sports marketing team, commits six-figure investment

Domino's has rolled out the branding for its e-sports initiative featuring the tagline "Gaming is Pizza Party Time". For the logo, Domino's chose a shield to represent a sense of security, tradition and strength. Ba U Shan-Ting, CEO, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore told A+M in a statement that much like the company's attributes, the shield implies that consumers can always count on the brand to offer them with excellent products and services.

Domino's also formed an in-house e-sports marketing team to ensure the company maintains a consistent focus in executing its vision for e-sports

Ba added that the company is committing a six-figure investment to the development of e-sports from 2019 onwards. This builds on its initial investment in the first quarter of 2018, which was geared towards participation in grassroots events through product sponsorship, as well as knowledge building. Ba said that Domino's tied up with online gaming platform provide Garena to offer an in-game unique code for the video game titles "Arena of Valor", "Contra: Return" and "Free Fire".

Consumers will be able to redeem the code when they purchase Domino's Good Game Combo or Well Played Combo for RM34.90 and RM54.90 respectively until mid-December 2018. Additionally, Domino's is also the F&B sponsor for two e-sports teams in Malaysia - Tamago.FV and Flash Vision's Mobile Legends team known as Mysterious Assassin.

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Domino's will continue to have discussions with various players and participants in the e-sports industry to understand the community's needs and create a solution that will support e-sports growth in Malaysia. He added that in the long run, the company hopes to establish its own league and team.

"Prior to Domino's e-sports launch, we held discussions and talks with those in the industry. Among the key areas brought up include grassroots development being an integral component to the industry, as well as having trainings and boot camps to develop, sharpen and increase the skillsets of participants," Ba said.

He added that individuals within the e-sports industry also raised the fact that while support from companies are "much needed", it has to be done with the intention of enhancing the e-sports ecosystem in Malaysia. The industry also hopes to map out the various opportunities available to Malaysians when it comes to e-sports, from being a pro-gamer to developing expertise as analysts, streamers and casters.

Recently, the federal government allocated RM10 million to the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation for e-sports, recognising it as an activity and industry which is growing increasingly popular among the younger generation, especially software engineers and gaming developers.

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