Dominie Liang exits New Media Group for Midland Holdings

New Media Group's digital head Dominie Liang has left the media house after almost a decade to join Midland Holdings as chief digital officer, effective 1 February.

Liang will head up a new business unit in Midland Holdings which focuses on digital business development, taking care digital marketing, content marketing, mobile and web development and seeking new digital opportunity.

Liang's roles in New Media Group will be replaced by Cheung Wai-lun, director of content processing and management, who will step up as chief of digital innovation and services department at the publication. Cheung is also an New Media Group's digital veteran for more than 12 years.

"Midland Holdings wants to try harder on digital and they want to have a digital professional who is familiar with both IT and marketing to help them on the new direction," Liang told Marketing.

"I have tried almost very role in the IT field, so I want to pursuit more on business and marketing role in my career."