KFC HK's new viral video: What happened to your dreams?

Do you still remember your dreams from five or ten years ago, and are you any closer to reaching them now?

In KFC Hong Kong's latest online campaign, the fast-food chain secretly took pictures of its customers while they were ordering, edited them for younger hairstyles, and printed the pictures on a food wrap that was then delivered to the customers.

"Two days ago, our black pepper chicken returned. We think it's about time to reignite your passion as well," the caption reads.

Surprised to find their "old looks" on the paper wrap, the customers remembered who they were back five or ten years ago. A woman admitted she had given up on her dream as a designer, a father said he now works for a living instead of being a basketball player, while an office worker was still pursuing his dream by joining musicals regularly.

In a week it has amassed about 847k views, 6.2k reactions, 1.6k shares and 350 comments.

William Tsing, marketing director at KFC, told Marketing the metrics of the video are 40% to 50% higher than his expectation.

Adding that the campaign is launched with Ogilvy Hong Kong, Tsing said the teams had spent effort in ensuing a high video production quality.

"The idea is to associate our fried chicken with values and positive meanings. In this campaign, we associate it with the passion you've once had in life. Family with kids or young couples may echoed most with the video, but we target mass audience," he explained.

Tsing said they will publish another video with Hong Kong artist Andrew Yuen (袁文傑), who also showed up in the first video, to spur a second wave today.

Watch the emotional video yourself: