Do people really understand what agency folks do?

Today marks the completion of my first month writing about the ad world. And if I think I’m overwhelmed, I just look to you guys in the ad world and feel inspired.

Coming from writing about the construction world for over two years, this past month covering the ad world has absolutely been an eye opening experience. What I have learnt in this past month is that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can really understand the amount of work ad folks do.

So cheers to all the hard work you do and craziness you face . This post is dedicated to you.

Monisha Rao

Marketing Magazine Singapore
With a thirst for all things advertising and wine related, Monisha Rao spends most of her days getting to know the ad industry. Previously writing for a construction related magazine, her experience in the ad world has been eye-opening. When not behind her desk, she’s on the lookout for the best vegetarian meals in town or the next bargain getaways. Oh, she also likes candy.

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