Do good, sweat more

Rexona, together with Lowe Malaysia, have created a countrywide activation campaign themed "Do: More" to support underprivileged children in Malaysia.

The campaign launches in May 2013 under the banner "Rexona Move. Sweat to Change Lives".

The aim is for Malaysian women to collectively complete a journey of 10,695km - the length of West and East Malaysia, in what could be the world's longest virtual relay race.

Lowe's task was to localise the regional campaign message of "Do More" and make it relevant to what Malaysian women want. Their solution offers consumers the chance to sweat for social good.

Using a mobile app, social media and microsite, smart- and non-smartphone users can register and Sweat to Change Lives. Every movement spent walking, running, dancing, cycling will be converted into kilometres by the app or can be logged online. For each Malaysian state completed, Rexona will partner with a local children's home.

Participants' progress will be tracked on an interactive map. The map and Twitter feed show who is running at that moment, rewarding champions with badges and allowing participants to post photos and interact.

Herry Budiazhari, marketing director, Unilever Malaysia, comments: "Today's customer wants more than just a product. We wanted to ensure she relates to Rexona's superior quality, but is also offered something more: an invitation to contribute to a good cause. This campaign aims simply to engage the discerning customer who values social good alongside the products she buys."

Mazuin Zin, managing director, Lowe Malaysia, said the campaign targets Malay women aged 18 to 30. "She is socially astute and brand-aware, and there is more to her purchasing decision than simple vanity. Ninety per cent of Malaysians believe brands should address societal issues. With this campaign, female consumers can choose to vote with their wallet, and their active time, to do social good," Mazuin said.

Lowe Malaysia's ECD, Brandie Tan adds:  "This campaign is a true collaborative effort: both between Lowe Malaysia, Unilever Malaysia, and our media and PR partners; It's a campaign with good intentions we hope will resonate with the market."

Rexona is the world's biggest deodorant brand, holding top position in 29 countries.

The app is available for download now.