Do 20 full squats and Prudential pays for your MRT ride

In a bid to promote wellness, Prudential Singapore has come up with a “DO Squats Challenge” campaign. Kicking off on 21 March, the insurance company aims to celebrate the drive and optimism of people looking to progress in life. 20 full squats have to be completed in 40 seconds, which will be assessed by a machine built with a sensor to ensure a full squat is made. The challenge will run until 17 April 2019, at Tampines MRT station and City Hall MRT station.

This comes in line with Prudential’s recently launched region-wide brand campaign, “We DO”.  As part of its continued commitment to encourage people to take charge of their health and wellness, consumers who take part in the “DO Squats Challenge” will get a complimentary MRT ride.

In a statement to Marketing, a Prudential spokesperson said that the idea behind the squats challenge is to get people to start thinking about keep fit. In addition, doing squats is one of the exercises that help individuals build leg muscles and promote body-wide muscle building to increase body strength. Prudential will be tapping on social and digital media to bring this message to a larger audience to encourage participation in the challenge. Some of its employees were also roped in to take up the squats challenge too.

The insurance company aims to record 100,000 squats, which is equivalent to 5,000 people doing 20 squats each, by the end of the one-month campaign. As of yesterday, Prudential has revealed that 646 people have done 20 squats each which translates into a total of 12,920 squats for the period of 21 – 25 March 2019.

Goh Theng Kiat, chief customer officer, Prudential Singapore said that as Singapore’s life expectancy continues to rise, the company wants to encourage ell to stay in good health to prepare for living longer. “We hope to drive home this message through the ‘DO Squats Challenge’ which is in line with our ‘We DO’ campaign that celebrates people’s drive to progress in life,” he added.

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