Disney to mentor Singapore talent via launch of digital series

The Walt Disney Company has unveiled three digital-first, multiplatform series for Southeast Asia that allows talents in Singapore to be a part of the mentorship on these shows.

This comes on the back of a two-year collaboration between Disney and Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) to grow the pool of content creators in Singapore, and give them opportunities to reach international audiences. As part of Disney and IMDA’s efforts to develop local talent capabilities, selected participants from the STORYTELLING+ BOOTCAMP event will be a part of the mentorship on the slate of shows. Spanning all categories of production including writing, producing and post production, these paid and credited positions aims to provide Singaporean storytellers to further their craft and experience different work flows, while gaining international exposure and growing their knowledge in the field.

The three shows by Disney include The Commons which is a comedy series revolving around the lives of a group of young adults sharing a co-working space in urban Jakarta, Meet Me at the Castle which is a romantic drama series about a teen girl who finds love and family in Paris, and a dystopian series Juxtaposed that explores the lives of two sisters on the only surviving Indonesian island, under threat of climate change. All three series will be in Bahasa Indonesia, and includes talents from Indonesia working on the series.

According to Amit Malhotra, regional lead, emerging markets (direct-to-consumer and international), The Walt Disney Company, the focus at Disney has always been to create compelling creative content for audiences and provide content on platforms audiences choose to access on.

"The explosion of online video consumption has created great demand for content offerings, in particular high-quality original programming which is socially relevant and readily available. We are excited to be working with IMDA to produce new digital-first titles for worldwide audiences, and in collaboration with some of Singapore’s inspiring content creators," he said.

Meanwhile, Howie Lau, chief industry development officer, IMDA said the strategic partnership with Disney has given content creators the opportunity to learn from industry experts who shared best practices and insights working on international projects. "With this partnership, we look forward to even more quality 'made-with-Singapore' content, co-created by Disney with our Singapore companies and media talent,” he added.

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(Photo courtesy: 123RF)