Discovery rolls out global campaign to counter species extinction

Discovery is embarking on a global social activation effort focused on species conservation tied to Discovery Channel’s global television premiere of its show Racing Extinction.

The campaign will launch with new content, a dedicated digital platform, an education curriculum and encourages consumers to pledge their commitment to do “1Thing” to save the planet. The mission of the campaign is long-term reduction of both carbon emissions and consumer demand for endangered species.

Many local personalities and influencers from across the region are also lending their support and pledging their “1Thing”. The personalities are featured in a series of spots which are airing on Discovery Channel and TLC, and on Discovery Channel’s online platforms.

Malaysian personalities such as Aishah Sinclair - radio announcer and television personality, Ean Nasrun – radio announcer and television personality, Elvira Arul – vocalist and performer, Harith Iskander – stand-up comedian, Marina Mahathir – writer and social activist, Natalie Kniese – radio announcer and Russell Curtis – recording artiste have all jumped on board.  In Malaysia, Discovery has partnered with the Malaysia Nature Society to host screenings for students of Universiti Putra Malaysia in Selangor and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Johor.

In Singapore, a screening was held last week at the historic Capitol Theatre. Discovery is also partnering with the Nature Society Singapore (NSS) to organise various activities for the public, such as the Horseshoe Crab rescue and research programme, a coastal clean-up at Mandai mudflats, and a forest clean-up at Pulau Ubin.

Racing Extinction will be the catalyst for a larger, ongoing campaign utilising the hashtag #StartWith1Thing to serve as Discovery’s call-to-action to create a global movement behind the television event.

#StartWith1Thing seeks to unite the world by pledging simple lifestyle changes that can add up to big benefits for endangered species, the environment and humanity itself.

Discovery will leverage its global premiere and additional platforms, including custom branded content, digital, social media and virtual reality, along with its partners to ignite curiosity and global actions people can take in four areas: fighting wildlife trafficking, reducing carbon emissions through use of green energy/transport, supporting green causes, and eating less meat.

The campaign will aggregate individual actions to demonstrate the impact that occurs when people unite as a global community.

Consumers are encouraged to find inspiration for their “1Thing” by visiting the “#StartWith1Thing” section on Consumers can choose a variety of things to do daily, weekly and monthly, and track progress along with the world via social media.