Direct mail case study: Staying cool like a polar bear

In a bid to keep its customers engaged, air-con servicing company Tech-V released a new design for its flyers which were distributed to customers. This was part of its ongoing initiative to have a new design for its flyers every six months.

According to the company, clients often look forward to receiving its flyers with new artwork, with some even keeping them as part of a collection since the flyers started distribution several years ago. The flyers’ artwork and concept are designed by the company’s designers, and the company will regularly change the variety of polar bear images being used in the flyers. The polar bear was chosen to be the company’s mascot as it is associated with a cosy and cool environment – which relates to air-con servicing.

Through the flyer, the company looks to portray to customers how having their aircon serviced ensures that one is living in a cool and comfortable home. The flyers also aim to educate home users on the importance of air-con servicing. It looks to incorporate Tech-V’s “Live well, breathe fresh” motto which showcases the importance of having clean air to breathe into after having a home owner’s air-con serviced. Some benefits portrayed include having a healthier body and fresher air in the home.

The company also spends credits to purchase unique polar bear photographs to be used in its publications. Tech-V’s flyers include complimentary gifts for clients who sign up for annual packages with the company. This is to thank all existing and new clients for their continuous support since it was established in 1997.


To raise awareness of Tech-V’s servicing packages and to inform clients that its prices have been the same for the past 21 years.

Target audience

Home users who regularly use air-conditioning in their homes for many hours and regard air-conditioning as a daily essential.


Increase in Tech-V contract sign-ups and positive feedback and responses from customers.

The writer is Madeleine Png, customer service manager, Tech-V.

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