Direct mail case study: Passion in the community

While new media technologies have become the norm in today’s marketing and communications industry, a significant segment of consumers, especially those who are less tech savvy, are still most effectively reached using traditional direct mailers. Recognising this, the PAssion Card team introduced PAssion365, a quarterly newsletter which serves to promote its offerings, not only to its membership base, but also to the larger community as well.

The creative concept of the direct mailer was based on the PAssion Card’s identity as a fun, vibrant and upbeat card programme that appeals to all residents regardless of background or interest.

Each issue is carefully curated to feature a mix of articles: lifestyle interest pieces, write- ups on community happenings, and details on courses and art productions. Thoughtfully crafted to offer inspiration to readers to explore new experiences and generate buzz on the PAssion Card programme, the content is kept concise and segmented in an easy-to-read layout.

On top of this, PAssion365 features a fresh selection of merchants and exciting coupons in each issue. This plays upon the everyday reader’s love for great deals and doubles up as a promotional channel for our merchants and partners.

The direct mailer’s vibrancy is enhanced by a clever combination of colour, illustrations and aesthetically pleasing images. It also helps to have an interesting cover – the latest issue featured two models against a starry night backdrop complete with renderings of buildings – to catch the attention of readers and give a clue of what lies within.

At the very heart of it, PAssion Card’s “core business” lies in bringing people together through forging friendships and bonding members of the community. In addition to the regular community-based articles, the latest issue promoted the PAssion CARES initiative in a double-page spread, driven by its belief that more members can be encouraged to come forward to lend a helping hand to others in the community.

Introduced the year before, PAssion CARES allows card members to work with the People’s Association in doing good for the community. Simply by tapping their PAssion Cards at PAssion CARES readers during selected community events, members could accumulate TapForMore points for the underprivileged, as well as additional points for themselves.

To increase the outreach of this relatively new initiative, a detailed explanation on PAssion CARES was carefully written and depicted within a colourful infographic: this enabled card members to understand the purpose of the initiative and how they could contribute.

According to the PAssion Card team, its readers’ responses were instantly positive. The heightened awareness of PAssion CARES led to an overall increase in the number of card members participating in the initiative in the first two weeks of July and it expects participation numbers to increase further in the weeks to come.


To generate buzz for the PAssion Card programme and offer inspiration for new experiences.

Target audience

Residents of diverse backgrounds and interests, particularly those who are less tech savvy.


Increased participation in PAssion CARES by PAssion Card members through heightened awareness of the initiative.

The writer is Colin Teo, assistant director (membership relations), membership and partnership division, People’s Association.

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