Direct mail case study: Bringing the good times


FOREFRONT launched this year’s “Bringing in Good Times” 好年华 red packets centred on a theme of reflection. Intimate practices such as letter-writing to loved ones living in faraway places and sending well wishes to friends and family by way of thoughtful red packets inspired this Lunar New Year direct mailer.

This is its seventh year of launching a Lunar New Year campaign, and it aimed to shine a light on the storied traditions that have helped generations of East and Southeast Asians observe and celebrate this festive occasion. Designed as a touchpoint for clients, media partners and the general public to experience the full campaign, the 好年华 (Bringing in Good Times) red packets were packaged in a pack of eight, in hues of shimmery rose gold and radiant red.

Each red packet featured a retro-looking masthead, with red and gold embossed finishing and foil-stamped borders, that signalled the richness of the occasion, even during simpler times back in the day.

Individually, the red packets opened up to reveal a dedicated space for handwritten wishes or notes, a personalised message for the receiver to remind them of the cultural and social significance of this tradition. It was also a physical reminder to be mindful, as the red packets encouraged the sender to look inward during the process of writing the personalised wishes.

Tassels were also attached to selected red packets for the receiver to hang as a decorative during the festive season, a practice still common in most households today. Additionally, the red packets were also included in exclusive gift boxes for long-standing clients.

On Facebook and Instagram, users were led to participate in a curated questionnaire on a campaign microsite, where they could step back in time and reflect on achievements, milestones and wins over the past year. The questionnaire was also linked to a red giveaway, a digital extension of the physical direct mailer. The giveaway, launched on 2 January, lasted for 11 days, and saw more than 1,000 unique entries, with 482 red packet sets awarded and posted to winners.

Throughout the campaign period, a separate section of the microsite also encouraged users to compose a note to their future self to set meaningful aspirations for the year ahead. Selected responses received handwritten versions by post, while all participants were sent an email version, as a reminder of their aspirations.


For recipients to reflect on the previous year’s achievements, milestones and wins.

Target audience

Clients and brand partners of FOREFRONT.


The questionnaire had more than 1,000 unique entries, with 482 red packet sets awarded to winners.


The writer is Jack Tan, ECD, Forefront.

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