Digital Marketing Institute launches membership platform in many countries, including the Philippines

The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), the global leader in digital marketing certification, recently launched its membership platform designed to provide continuing professional development to its students and graduates worldwide. Based in Dublin, Ireland, DMI boasts of over 18,000 graduates across 115 countries, through a network of education partners. It offers a full suite of certification courses, including its flagship Certified Digital Marketing Professional program, as well as post-graduate and master’s degrees in digital marketing. Exclusive Content Library As part of its certification package, students get 12 months of free access to DMI’s membership platform, which features an extensive and regularly updated content library including articles, e-books, toolkits, templates, expert interviews, videos, webinars, and presentations.

The content available will address every career stage: beginner, intermediate, and expert. It will be a massive resource tool for educators, students, and professionals alike, who can explore the materials for information provided by a singular authoritative voice on all things digital marketing and digital selling.

With the fast pace and ever-changing digital marketing landscape, the platform provides DMI’s students with relevant and cutting-edge content designed to keep their skills sharp and knowledge current.

Career and networking opportunities

Aside from practical content to help digital marketing practitioners with their day-to-day role, the membership platform also offers tools designed to help members succeed in their career. These include expert practical career guides, high-quality templates to boost employability, a career zone to support professional development, access to the latest industry news and updates, and just-in-time learning activities through webinars and online programs.

DMI’s massive global membership network allows its students worldwide to connect to trends in the industry, to experts who can bring unique insights to their work, to new opportunities, and to thousands of digital alumni around the globe. In addition, DMI launched its continuing professional development (CPD) scheme to ensure its graduates continue to be aligned to global standards by committing to participating in activities
that will expand and extend their knowledge and skillset. All these activities will be tied back to their certification to keep their knowledge up-to-date and relevant in their specialist area.

In the Philippines, DMI’s certification programs are available through its education partner Learning Curve. Through its DMHQ brand, Learning Curve has been running the Certified Digital Marketing Professional program for the past four years.

For more information about DMI’s courses and membership platform, contact Learning Curve at 696-6981 or 570-7506. Or visit for more details.