Digital Domain, Wanda ink partnership

Digital Domain Holdings Limited, the parent company of the visual effects company Digital Domain 3.0, announced it has signed a memorandum with Wanda Group, which outlined that the company will be setting up a motion capture stage in Wanda Studios Qingdao.

The company aims to introduce Hollywood technology from its motion capture stage in North America to the Greater China region, offering services on digital imaging production and technical support for digital imaging in movie production outside Hollywood.

The partnership reflects Wanda Group's recent investment to introduce film and television production houses from China to the rest of the world. The group is looking to ensure Hollywood blockbusters will be shot and produced at the studios with the introduction of new technologies.

Daniel Seah, executive director and CEO of Digital Domain said, "The partnership with Wanda will enable both companies to make the best use of our strengths and mark an important step of Digital Domain's consolidation of its Greater China business."