2021 salary guide: How much are you worth?

Digital marketers continue to be high in demand across Southeast Asia, as we gradually transcend into a post-COVID era. In fact, a recent salary guide by recruitment company Hays showed that digitally-skilled marketers across APAC are getting paid significantly more than traditional marketers. In Singapore specifically, digital marketers are earning at SG$80k a year on average, while the starting salary of traditional marketers is pegged at SG$36k.  While digital marketing is a broad term, candidates who are skilled in data analytics are found to be in higher demand. The salary range of marketers skilled in analytics was found to be SG$80k to SG$130k, higher than digital marketers in the customer experience function (SG$60k to SG$100k). 

Hays' report said that companies in Singapore are now on the hunt for talent who can make effective marketing decisions based on data analytics. It added that one data marketing trend is the leveraging of advanced technology and automation tools to identify trends, track marketing performance, cleanse data and increase business intelligence. Digital marketers will need to integrate and automate their CRMs and gain easy access to dashboards and reports, which can help them to better analyse campaign performances. Through data marketing, digital marketers will better understand their customers, discover what they respond to, and the platform by which companies may better engage with customers.

Besides data analytics, Hays also highlighted the increasing importance of social media. To attract Generation Z consumers, which is now a key target audience for companies, marketers will need to rely on social media attraction schemes. This includes an emphasis on social commerce to market their products over various social media platforms. Gaining greater traction in 2021 will be the utillisation of influencers including microinfluencers, who will play a greater role as brands expand their influencer marketing budgets. There will also be a growing fascination for CGI influencers, using digital avatars and AI to usher in a new era of creative marketing.

Digital analytical skills is also high in demand for digital marketers in Malaysia. In 2020,

Hays said there was a profound shortage of content marketers in Malaysia, who were able to deliver skills in keyword research, traffic forecasts and competitor analysis.

Additionally, marketers with analytical skills are said to be able to uncover strategic opportunities for companies. This in turn can enable marketers to make accurate decisions about audience engagement, and continually add value to a business’s commercial focus will be highly desirable. This comes as companies in Malaysia continue to look to build enduring relationships with their audience through content that engages, educates and captivates the audience. Similar to Singapore, digital marketers in Malaysia are earning approximately RM84k while its traditional marketers see a lower salary of at least RM36k. 

Here is the full salary guide to the marketing industry:

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With the increased importance of digital marketers, it may come as surprising to find that they are not the highest-paid function.

According to Hays report, marketers in the branding function are earning more than digital marketers. Channel managers in Singapore and Malaysia have the highest starting salary of SG$90k and RM120k respectively, while direct marketing managers are earning a range of SG$80k to SG$140k, and RM105k to RM180k.

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