Digital agency Tommy heads to Singapore, looks to hire locally

Tommy, an independent digital agency is looking to open doors in Asia and the USA. An international team has been hired to run and operate an office in Singapore, Southeast Asia as well as an office in Los Angeles, California. The agency claims to have worked with more than 100 top 10 box office movies, retailers and FMCG brands in over 60 countries around the world.

These two additional locations in Singapore and Los Angeles have been opened in response to the changing nature of brands online – the demand to be both more global-thinking and to be ‘always on’. Tommy is hiring local experts in creative, social media and digital development as well as fostering its Worldwide Creator Network. The network is a rapidly growing live directory of local illustrators, artists, writers, and film-makers.

These are selected by Tommy based upon trends in design, social media marketing and specialised skill sets to service the creative and consultative needs of its global clients.

Tommy said it hopes to offer around-the-clock digital design and development services, consulting and campaign strategy for its growing list of top global brands which include Paramount Pictures, Amazon Prime Video, Tesco Mobile and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“Social media has changed the way everyone consumes content. If consumer behaviors are changing then the way we work for global brands must do as well,” said Chris Edwards, Tommy co-founder.

“With consumers increasingly turning away from the timeline to curate constant ongoing ‘stories’-type content, we’re planning and ready to adapt with the ‘always on’ economy.”

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