Digi’s service interruption of up to 4 hours due to ‘unexpected system outage’

Digi customers facing service interruption since 10am have taken their frustrations to Twitter. Digi has since acknowledged on their website and Twitter account of the “network connectivity issues” faced by subscribers and are working to solve it.

Marketing has reached out to Digi for more comments.

Replying to the tweets, a spokesperson apologised for the service interruption caused by an “unexpected system outage,” which will take approximately four hours to recover. Additionally, the telco clarified that the interruption was unplanned and it was therefore, unable to advise ahead of time.

In an update on their website at 11am, Digi said that its technical teams have addressed and fixed the issue, and services have recovered. Customers were advised to switch to flight mode and back, or restart their devices if they still continue to experience problems. It added that the company will continue to monitor all services and keep customers updated on the progress.

However, customers continue to feedback about connectivity issues on Twitter. Digi said in one of its replies to them, “Please try to restart your device. We appreciate your patience during the rectification period.”

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