DiDi Chuxing’s president selected as Olympic torchbearer

DiDi Chuxing, formerly known as Didi Kuaidi, is now hailing the Olympics.

Coca Cola, the global partner for the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay, has announced that Jean Liu, president of DiDi Chuxing, was elected as one of the official Olympic torchbearers through a popular vote organised by the beverage giant.

She will join the other eight Olympic torchbearers in the relay at Iguazu and represent China to carry the flame along the route. The other torchbearers include renowned pianist Lang Lang and actor and philanthropist Jiang Yiyan.

Its top management being selected as torchbearer highlights the growing influence of the taxi-calling app in the country.

DiDi is one of the China’s largest mobile transportation platforms, serving 300 million users across 400 cities.

According to the company’s statistics, DiDi's platform completed a total of 1.43 billion rides in 2015, surpassing Uber's global rides in the past six years since its launch in 2009 by 1.4 times.

DiDi claims it currently holds over 87% of the private car service market and over 99% of the taxi hailing service market in China.