Diageo SG gives away over 1,000 meals to those in need


Diageo Singapore has dontated over 1,000 meals to vulnerable communities across the country. The donation will go towards those in need, with limited access to food as well as supporting the hawker centre teams.

This is part of Diageo’s contribution to FoodBank Singapore, which distributes food to the needy. Diageo Southeast Asia recently pledged to donate 60, 000 litres of neutral spirit and make it available at no cost to governments and local manufacturers in the Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar. According to Diageo, this donation will enable the production of over a million bottles of sanitisers, or disinfecting agents where necessary. This comes following Diageo’s earlier global announcement donating grain neutral spirit to the UK, Ireland, Italy, the USA, Brazil, Kenya, India and Australia, enabling the creation of eight million hand sanitisers for frontline medical workers in countries where Diageo has major distilling operations.

Apart from Diageo, IKEA Singapore too lent a hand in aiding those in need during these trying times. IKEA Singapore donated 800 mugs to migrant workers, along with cartons of snacks from its food outlet. In a Facebook post, local organisation Itsrainingraincoats said IKEA activated its team to send over mugs and snacks after hearing about workers with no mugs. This issue was raised after workers were found drinking milk straight from the carton. The cartons of milk were donated to these workers last week by another one of Itsrainingraincoats' donors. 

Meanwhile, Procter & Gamble (P&G) donated 300,000 care packs worth approximately SG$5 million to migrant workers. The FMCG giant is currently working with the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore (MOM), along with the South West Community Development Council and Migrant Workers' Centre to carry out the initiative. P&G will also be giving out household cleaning products to workers in the coming weeks.

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