South China FC looks to the cloud for a better UX

Designercity has partnered with Microsoft to create a new user experience through cloud technology to support the local South China Football Club and fans.

The initiate aims to utilise Microsoft’s cloud technology Windows Azure and its global datacenters (including data storage and cloud computing power) to enable SCAA supporters from around the globe to access all the match developments at anytime.

Under the partnership with Microsoft, the main sponsor for South China AA, Designercity will develop a new South China Football Club website that incorporates the new user experience, live blog and chatroom capabilities, where fans will be able to leave comments via Facebook and receive live reports through the site.

“Cloud-based technology is capable of handling very high viewer rates and it is quick to market while costs can be controlled, which is why this solution is fast tracking into all the world’s top engagement platforms, particularly in the sporting field,” said Win Mak, managing director of Designercity.

The football club is tightly linked with social media, with its chairman’s blog receiving a record 39 million page views in eight years, while the main club blog has had more than 10 thousand online views simultaneously as live feed.

With such high engagement, the incorporation of a live blog and chat room area is likely to continue generating high viewership and requires a sophisticated digital infrastructure. The latest Windows Azure is to ensure the stability of the network and manage content delivery in real time.

Horace Chow, general manager of Microsoft Hong Kong added that cloud technology, combined with mobile devices, enables users to receive the latest news and information and allow interactions with other users in real-time.

Designercity is no stranger to football clubs as they were tasked in 1996 to build the first Arsenal Football Club website, and its first football club fans forum site and blog in 1998. The digital firm has also helped Liverpool Football Club and the English Premier League to boost communication across Asia.