Dentsu makes reading cool [GALLERY]

HK Book Fair 2013 make couch potatoes work a little for their reading materials; it partnered up with iButterfly to roll out free tickets and promotions from exhibitors and publishers.

Aside from small digital pushes like a Facebook page and QR code activations, this is the first time the HK Book Fair undergoes a digital push of such caliber.

Their change in advertising strategy is no surprise, given that their audience is the young and mobile-savvy generation.

The app lets fans capture virtual butterflies, which carries free entry tickets or publishers’ or authors’ information such as transcripts, authors’ recommendations, logos and videos related to that book.

Ken Matsumura, president of Media Palette Hong Kong and Dentsu Media Hong Kong (iButterfly's creator), said that “it’s a tool that’s not only meant for establishing uniqueness for the authors”, but also to “help promote the new books and enhance interaction with readers”.

Publishers who’ve already signed on include Tong Li, Family Heartware and Roundtable Synergy Books, to name but a few.

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