dentsu China recycles OOH ad and billboard vinyl into trendy products


To celebrate World Environment Day, dentsu China is teaming up with UseDem to transform poster and billboard vinyl into trendy and desirable products. This collaboration aims to inspire and drive change beyond advertising and towards sustainability.

According to a statement by dentsu, outdoor advertising is a highly visual and impactful way for advertisers to reach consumers and build brands. However, the material commonly used to make the posters and billboards often goes to waste, and countless tons of vinyl often ends up in landfills and oceans. Dentsu added that as a global leader in media and communications, it wants to influence the way that people think, feel and act. 

"As a company, we believe it’s imperative to help create meaningful progress for the brands we work with and for society as a whole. At dentsu, we have always been an industry first-mover, and this initiative is an example of how we can build on our environmental impact commitment and have a little fun along the way,” Keita Ishikawa, CEO of creative service line, dentsu China explained.

'At dentsu, we are committed to meaningful progress, and through this creative partnership with UseDem we are showing how it's possible to balance the needs of business and the needs of the planet. Reducing waste of outdoor advertising is just the first of many initiatives to drive positive change and inspire those we touch along the way,'' Kaz Tsuburaku, chief creative officer, dentsumcgarrybowen China added. 

RAD Kicks off with collecting Vinyl (PVC) coated fabrics from outdoor advertisements, which is done in collaboration with OOH media partners (Shanghai Symbol-Media, Beijing Voyage Media). This will then be cleaned thoroughly before cutting and stitching them together into RAD items that can be used every day.