SapientNitro's VP, global digital marketing goes to Deloitte Digital US

It looks like the competition in the digital space is only set to get more heated.

As digital consulting agency Deloitte Digital is ramping up its operations, it has now appointed VP, global digital marketing & brand content for SapientNitro Alan Schulman as its national director of content marketing & creative experience, based in the US.

Deloitte Digital recently launched its regional unit in May this year, continuing the trend of major consultancies looking to play in the space. This follows in the steps of Accenture Interactive, McKinsey Digital and more, with many of these hiring veterans from adland to push the business.

Deloitte's move to pick up the lead creative from one of the hottest digital shops at the moment only shows the heightened competition expected to take place in the space.

According to the Deloitte Digital’s blog, Schulman “will bring his expertise as a creative leader across a range of media, devices, and platforms to further enhance our ability to transform customer journeys for our clients.”

Schulman has more than 30 years experience in marketing and advertising, particularly in digital marketing.

Prior to joining Deloitte Digital, he held roles as vice president, global digital marketing & brand content as well as chief creative officer at SapientNitro. Before that, Schulman served within The Interpublic Group, including creative leadership roles at McCann-Erickson, FutureBrand Worldwide and Foote, Cone & Belding.

Schulman said, “I’m very excited about getting further upstream with Deloitte Digital to have a more strategic conversation with CMOs.  The strategic consulting power of Deloitte combined with the creative prowess and potential of Deloitte Digital will be both a formidable and fun challenge.”

Deloitte Digital has featured an interview with Schulman on its blog. Schulman drew comparisons on the offering by Deloitte as compared to that of an agency.

Schulman highlighted the ability to have a "more strategic conversation about Digital Marketing transformation" from a conversation about "Digital Media spend" as one factor.

He comments on the future of traditional creative agencies. "I think that they will continue to have a role in brand storytelling, but it will be limited to their craft of communications in the interruptive model of television rather than always-on content ecosystems. Everyone loves a great commercial, but even the great ones have a very limited shelf life in today’s real-time trending content model.

Read the blog here.