Deliveroo unveils new dining space, looks to launch marketing campaign

Deliveroo has unveiled a new physical dining space called “Deliveroo Food Market”. Done in collaboration with US-based technology automation company eatsa, the dining concept is the third of its edition for the food delivery company in Singapore.

The Deliveroo Food Market currently has seven restaurants in its premises and includes a dine-in space. It also includes self-serve kiosks and automated digital cubbies for the order and pick up process, and the company looks to invest in the latest technology to provide the “best experience” for all its customers.

Speaking to Marketing, Siddharth Shanker, general manager, Deliveroo Singapore said with Deliveroo Food Market, the company looks to “champion” local favourites by taking them to new areas for customers to have more choices. With the limited amount of real data available, Shanker added that restaurant owners could only rely on conviction and their local knowledge of areas before launching a restaurant.

Based on insights from a recent study Deliveroo commissioned, the food delivery company said that it saw a huge growth opportunity for food delivery services in Singapore. More than half of Singaporean consumers (53%) said that the frequency of using food delivery apps has increased in the last two years. More than 60% have increased their spending on food delivery apps as well, with nearly seven in 10 (69%) increasing their spending by 25%.

In response to such growth, Shanker said that Deliveroo looks to deliver food delivery experience for customers with the launches of its Deliveroo Editions. According to him, the Deliveroo Editions concept expands the food choices for customers, offers restaurant partners new revenue streams with access to data and the opportunity to reach wider customer bases in areas, that they would not have been able to with their physical brick-and-mortar restaurants.

The food delivery company is also embarking on an integrated marketing and communications plan. This would cover digital ads, media and influencer engagement to raise awareness and engage customers from online to offline. It will also be running a social media campaign for customers to be rewarded with Deliveroo credits. Shanker also said that the company will tap into its existing customer base to promote its new offerings and encourage visits to Deliveroo Food Market. Aside from dine-in,  communications will also be pushed to customers from selected neighbourhood areas.

In terms of measuring ROI, the company will be monitoring over a range of metrics across growth and profitability, as well as feedback from customers, restaurant partners and riders.

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