Deliveroo introduces 'Get Paid' same-day payments to Hong Kong riders

Deliveroo has introduced a new “Get Paid” feature, allowing Hong Kong riders to receive their earnings the same day they make a request.

Riders in Hong Kong currently receive their earnings on a bi-weekly basis. With the new feature, riders can choose to get their earnings on the same day if requested by midday, or on the following day if requested after midday.

Deliveroo stated that this new feature reflects the change of work culture, as more and more people choose flexible, on-demand ways of working to fit their lifestyle. The company commented, “Riders’ work is on-demand, many now also want to be able to access their earnings on-demand.”

“Workforce today want flexible work that puts them in control of their hours and earnings, and Deliveroo is proud to continually innovate our offerings to deliver on these demands. ‘Get Paid’ empowers our outstanding fleet of riders, so they can enjoy more control over when and how they get paid,” said Brian Lo, general manager of Deliveroo Hong Kong.

Lo added that this is a step forward for the company to offer flexible and well-paid work to its riders.

Since its global launch in March, 70% of Deliveroo’s riders have used Get Paid, and up to 25% of active riders on a given day are using it to access their pay. Deliveroo is also seeing riders use Get Paid more than once a week, at an average of every four to five days, with Sundays being the most-frequently-used day.

“Get Paid” emerges on the heels of other recent Deliveroo initiatives to support the needs of riders in Hong Kong. In 2018 Deliveroo launched a completely free insurance package for all on-demand self-employed Deliveroo riders in Hong Kong and worldwide. This year, Deliveroo is providing over 150 riders in Hong Kong with access to 13 first aid training courses administered by the Hong Kong Red Cross.