Is this the death of rap?

Being a kid of the 90’s, rap music was a big part of my life. And while I didn’t always understand what was being said (don’t pretend you did) I always had a certain amount of respect for these tough rap star personalities.

But recently with rap making its way down supermarket isles, my confidence has been shaken.

Nelly finds the honey

Nelly recently ditched his tough guy act to create an ad for Honey Nut Cheerios, talking to an animated bee and giving him fashion advice.

The “Must be the Honey” campaign is created by Saatchi & Saatchi, and will include five 30-second ads. The brand under General Mills will support the TV campaign with billboard, radio and digital ads.

What I liked about the video? Nothing.

Click to see if you agree.

Snoop Dog picks a hot pocket

Snoop Dog is a veteran in the rap industry and now possibly the ad industry with a couple of ads under his belt. Last year, the rap artist recreated his “Drop it like it’s hot” video, naming it “Pocket Like It’s Hot” for Nestle-owned Hot Pockets which was turned into a TVC.

Watch it here:

Lil Wayne’s Dewy project

Meanwhile, Mountain Dew also roped in rap artist Lil Wayne into its DEWeezy Project, a partnership with Grammy Award-winning recording artist, Lil Wayne.

In collaboration with the action sports youth development agency STOKED, the program enlisted 10 teens from the NYC area to work with brand and industry executives, including director Chris Robinson of Robot Films and Motive, a creative studio with offices in New York and Denver, to co-create a :30 second television commercial.

However, Lil Wayne was dropped soon after for making a derogatory reference to civil rights hero Emmett Till in a rap.

Unfortunately for Mountain Dew, Lil Wayne’s face had by then already been plastered over many of its products.

Now check the video out:

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